Graduation and summer vacation: a notoriously high risk season for underage drinking

Middletown and Newport are working
hard to make this season of celebration
and summer fun as safe as it is enjoyable
for our youth. Unfortunately we know all
too well that when high school students
involve alcohol in their prom and graduation
celebrations and summer activities, those
happy times often turn tragic.

Consider these statistics:

The number of alcohol-related traffic
fatalities spikes considerably from April to
June, the months of prom and
graduation. (source NHSTA)

Statistics show that on average, over
60% of the traffic fatalities in the 15-20
age group that occur during the weeks of
prom and graduation are alcohol-related.
(source NHSTA)

Alcohol is the #1 youth drug problem; it
kills six times more people under 21
than all other illicit drugs combined.
(source Center for Substance Abuse
Prevention (CSAP), 1996)
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Individuals under 21 in possession of alcohol face a fine of up
to $950, 30 hours of community service and a mandatory license
suspension for a minimum of 60 days.

Adults who allow underage drinking parties to be held anywhere
on their property can face criminal charges.

Adults who procure alcohol for a minor can face imprisonment
for up to three years, in addition to hefty fines. Multiple offenders can
be charged with a felony.more about the legal consequencess